Payroll Service

Our payroll accounting service is aimed at companies that prefer not to process their payroll data internally. The service works as follows:

  • We collect input data from your premises once a month and key it into a payroll system
  • We verify that the data has been keyed in accurately.
  • We print the reports that you have specified, including all statutory reports for the month, and deliver these reports to you.
  • If you pay mid-month salary advances we will process this data as well.
  • At the end of each year we will also print and deliver to you the P9A, P10 and P10A reports.

Some of the benefits of letting us handle your payroll are.

  • Valuable internal resources are freed to perform other functions.
  • Reduced risk of exposing confidential payroll information.
  • Payroll function is performed by our experienced staff.
  • No need to invest in specialist software and trained staff.
  • No more worries about the payroll being run on time.
  • Guaranteed compliance with ever-changing tax regulations and rates.

This service is available anywhere in Kenya.

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